Welcome to the Elegant Evolution.

Curie Co is the standard for long-lasting, sustainable personal care. We fashion biological solutions from the basic building blocks of life.

If there’s a biological problem, there’s a biological solution.

Personal care formulators have been constrained by legacy petrochemical-based ingredients. It’s time for a bio-based upgrade. Using nature’s playbook, we are giving the personal care industry a new way to create high performing products. Our mission is to replace petrochemical-based ingredients with worry free biobased alternatives.

Our Technology

Gentle enzymes built with elegant science.

Curie’s enzyme optimization platform teaches abundant, naturally-occurring enzymes to perform the same function as legacy chemicals but orders of magnitude better.

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Evolve your products.

From hand soap, body wash, hair care products, skincare, and beyond, we give product formulators the freedom to build powerful, long-lasting products. Nature-based from the bottom up.

1 / Personal Hygiene

2 / Skincare

3 / Daily Use

1 / Personal Hygiene

2 / Skincare

3 / Daily Use

The Enzyme Advantage

A biobased upgrade for personal care

Reshape Your Chassis with CuraVia™

We work side-by-side with formulators to develop gentle, water-soluble products that replace legacy preservatives. Reach out for samples.

Expand Your Toolbox with Curamina™

We’ve developed proprietary enzymes that mimic the function of enzymes already present in the skin providing a natural alternative to formaldehyde technologies for protein bioadhesion. Reach out for samples.

Planet-Friendly, Without The Cost

Our readily biodegradable enzymes are gentle for people and the planet without a premium price. Enzymes are catalysts so you can do more with less. Reach out today to learn more.