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We Design Smarter Enzymes

Using nature’s playbook, we’re giving the personal care industry a new way to formulate everyday products while preserving the planet. Our mission is to replace petrochemical-based ingredients with biobased alternatives.

A Fresh Alternative

Curie Co was founded in 2017 on the belief that sustainability is not a luxury. It’s our obligation. We believe that industry shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance or margin to build planet-friendly formulations that don’t pollute. We teach biology to deliver sustainable chemistries at a scale and cost accessible to all.

Our Team

Meet Our Leadership

Our team of creative chemists, engineers, and biologists hails from leading Fortune 500 companies and scientific institutions around the globe. Together, we are building better enzymes – for people and the planet.

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Executive leader, and operating partner with a global mindset, having gained diverse on the ground experience from working in 50+ countries. An engineer, business auditor, and businessperson by training, Sarvin believes business and life are done best by developing excellent relationships. Fun fact: Although born in US, I spent 7 years in boarding school in India from age 7-13.

Sarvin Patel, MBA

Three decades of experience in the industrial microbiology and bioprocessing fields with involvement in a diverse portfolio of development projects. Active in the biotech field as an editorial board member and professional organization leader. Fun fact: I enjoy cooking and am a devoted Ohio State Buckeye and New York Rangers fan.

Leads Bioprocess and Biomanufacturing
Neal Connors, PhD

Executive and technical leader with a track record of developing commercial solutions at the interface of chemistry and biology in pharma and industrial biotech. Passionate leader in STEM chairing award committees, conferences, and symposia in biochemistry, enzyme engineering, and organic chemistry. Fun fact: I’m from Tennessee where I fell in love with SEC football, Go Vols!

Erika Milczek, PhD


Learn More About Our Work

Why this biotech moved to RTP to prepare for commercial launch

"An industrial biotech striving to make consumer products more sustainable has relocated from New York to Research Triangle Park. Curie Co. develops enzymes that can replace the petrochemical-based preservatives used in personal care and cleaning products. The move enables Curie to scale its biomanufacturing operations as the company prepares to launch its first commercial product within the next 12 months."

Erika Milczek is Replacing Banned Chemicals in Consumer Products

"Milczek...began identifying ingredients in consumer products that were under scrutiny or banned by retailers, the US Food and Drug Administration, and other regulatory bodies. She saw opportunity, telling herself: 'I am a chemist. I can come up with better solutions.'"

Keynote Address, Erika Milczek

Using cell-free protein synthesis in combination with chemical and genetic controls, Curie Co has developed a suite of tools to rapidly evolve biocidal enzymes to replace these banned preservatives and biocides.

Curie Co joins as Breakout Labs’ newest portfolio company

"With a powerful combination of synthetic biology and enzyme engineering, Curie Co’s new materials can fully replace the function of the banned chemicals. So when used in existing consumer products, they will work to the same effect. These solutions are biocompatible for consumers and environment alike: safe on humans, with no harm to our oceans."

Science-Driven Women Named to Sephora Accelerate Cohort

"Erika Milczek is CEO of Curie Co, a US-based life life science company that engineers biomaterials to replace chemicals banned by the FDA in consumer products."

JLABS Opens in NYC With 3 Skin Care Innovators in Residence

"The life sciences incubator for emerging companies is a project of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, New York State, and the New York Genome Center. All told, there are 26 companies in residence at the facility on 6th Avenue in SoHo. And 3 of those innovators are well positioned to change the future of skin care."